Stay true to yourself. Power to the people.

OOBs illusion collection plays with our senses through the eloquent manipulation of volume and proportion of single garments.
The minimalist, yet aesthetic cuts take their bearings from the concept of the brand in a symbiosis of sports and Japanese fashion, realized with highest-quality, exclusive and rare materials.

Urban ninja meets the elegant modernist.

Refreshingly inspiring fashion, unveiling contemporary premium finesse in detail. Peerless quality, comfort and handfeel live up to the brand’s underlying principle. The basic cuts and basic ideas of the inaugural collection are captured, continued and manipulated.
Prints are inspired by the opaque diversity of the Web 2.0 in relentlessly deconstructed graphics that reinvent the motive and leave ample room for interpretation.

The designs are unisex and highly versatile, therefore effortlessly combinable with a wide range of garments and yet add an unambiguous personality. This subtle design language allows the wearer to be confidently dressed for any occasion.

A timeless and extremely wearable selection of evergreens constitutes the core of the collection, and serves as the base for every future range.

OOB’s second collection showcases these classics, accompanied by several signature pieces, characterized by unique cuts, fabrics and proportions. The interaction results in a collection that flawlessly depicts the ethos of OOB and its affinity to western sportswear and Japanese fashion.

With the first commercial collection makes an important statement, which is rare in contemporary fashion to stay true to yourself and your origins.
It is a succinct yet very sustainable collection, capturing the unique intellect and free spirit of OOB, which is breaking with conventions without ever questioning its individuality.

This is ourownbrand

OOB expresses an avant-gardist unisex look based on the processing of highest-quality, functional and timeless materials. OOB’s silhouettes are predominantly designed oversized, minimalistic and can be effortlessly combined with other garments. Sophisticated workmanship details and techniques, as well as the use of functional fabrics manifest the strong conjunction with active sportswear. The ambiguous relevance of the logo also reflects understated nature of the brand. The three capital letters ‘OOB’ can also be read as 0013 (representing the size chart) and are applied discreetly and flat on single pieces.

OOBís vision allows freedom for its customers: universal key-highlights constitute the resources to individuality and the possibility to transform ‘ourownbrand’ in ‘yourownbrand’. Additionally the timeless evergreens represent the persistent basis of every new collection.

The creative team behind OUROWNBRAND consists of Jens Werner, Johannes Heilberger and Andreas Göbel. They represent the direction, as well as the concept of the brand and work together to draft the clothes’ artistic orientation. Jens is responsible for the realization of the creative concept. As a designer he develops all the designs from sketch to final prototype. His daily work at Y-3 consisting of product management for innovative sportswear and Japanese avant-garde style fashion by Yohji Yamamoto, coupled with the experience from collaborations between adidas and Raf Simons, or Rick Owens, have a demonstrable effect on OOBís focus. Johannes has the lead responsibility to support and draft the art direction, as well as marketing strategies and concepts. Andreas pursues the task of the operative controller, besides being a consultant in design-questions.


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Jens Werner
Jens Werner
JENS WERNER is the brain, founder, and creative visionary behind OUROWNRBAND. He was born in Germany, in a small, countryside town. Though rooted in his origins, he fosters a deep fascination for new cities and cultures, and in such, the beauty of contrast that they give rise to. Despite having a higher education in business, he was always drawn to fashion. From a young age on, he chose to dedicate his free time to the self-study of design, pattern making and sewing. Following his studies, he set out to combine his business background with hands on fashion marketing and design experiences, and worked at various houses such as Hugo Boss, adidas SLVR, and adidas Y-3.
Johannes Heilberger
Johannes Heilberger
JOHANNES HEILBERGER is from Nuremberg, but lived in cities like Auckland, London and New York, and is known for his own expressive personal style. Having always ignored conventional fashion rules, he takes vogue to another level. He is a multi-faceted person, originally from a business background, having worked as marketer and product developer at renowned fashion houses like adidas SLVR, Y-3 and Tory Burch, as well as a DJ, producer and promoter at various clubs in Germany, London and NYC. Approaching his work with intuitively, creative and conceptual humour, Johannes has all along been exploring new creative pathways, to connect fashion, music and business.
Andreas Göbel
Working in his daily life in the automotive industry, ANDREAS GÖBEL takes on the role as Manager of Finance and Administration for OUROWNBRAND. After his studies in industrial engineering – marketing and sales -, he already looks back on three years of job experience. Nowadays, Andreas lives and works in Coburg, the registered seat of the brand. One can probably describe him as the most settled and non-crazy person of the trio. As a result, his mind as well as his partly experience in creative business helps him to see things through the eyes of a more outstanding person focusing on facts and figures. Together with his colleagues Jens and Johannes, Andreas works on establishing OUROWNBRAND as a long-lasting, independent label in a healthy company.
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